Cleanser + Day Cream Light + Remedy Rub


Daily cleanser enriched with strawberry pulp and prebiotics to gently exfoliate and balance the skin. Strawberry pulp is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) which help to remove dead, dulling skin cells. Spherical strawberry seeds offer gentle exfoliation actions without irritating skin. Known as ‘food’ for the skin, Prebiotics are substances that help to maintain the health of the skin’s microbiota, the layer of bacteria that defends against redness, inflammation and disease. They work to calm and soothe irritated skin while preventing the build-up of ‘bad’ bacteria. Dermatologically tested. Perfume free.

Day Cream Light
Our daily face cream is enriched with apple peel and jojoba oil to help support and balance your skin. Apple peel is rich in antioxidants to help to protect your skin from environmental damage and pollution which can contribute to a dull complexion and speed up the ageing process. Jojoba oil helps to regulate the production of sebum, preventing excessive oiliness, blocked pores and blackheads. Our daily face cream is free from fragrance and suitable for normal to oily skin. Apply after your AM cleanse. Dermatologically tested. Perfume free.

Remedy Rub
Remedy rub enriched with tobacco leaves and peppermint oil to provide gentle relief for tension and headaches. Specially formulated to melt into the skin on contact. Peppermint oil is used for its cooling and calming properties while tobacco is believed to provide pain relief. Dermatologically tested. Perfume free.

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